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I primarily read non-fiction books and that’s what you’ll find here. I review books about mental illness, mind/brain science, and philosophy. I give you a bit about the book topic and more about what I think about it. I love thinking about thinking and ideas ignite my imagination. I hope the reviews inspire you to read the book or look into the topics. Click on the book cover image beside the text and it will direct you to the author's website. Have a book you like? Tell us! Explain what it’s about and what thoughts emerge while reading it. Click here to participate.

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For the uninitiated, podcasts are audio shows based on topics. It’s radio without the annoying announcers and minimal ads. The episode length of the podcasts I review are between 15 and 60 minutes. You can find them in iTunes. Work the google or ask a friend to find out how to download them onto your phone or iPod. My areas of interest are science, philosophy, history, and stories about real people. In this section I say a little bit about what each podcast is about and why I like it. I love listening to them. I play them in my car and listen to them with headphones when I exercise. Click on the podcast image beside the text and it will direct you to the podcast's website. If you find an interesting podcast and want to say why you like it, write it up. Click here to participate.

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This section is dedicated to interesting websites I’ve come across. Some are blogs and some are not. I explain what the sites are about and why I find them interesting. Click on the website image beside the text and it will direct you to the website. Feel free to contribute your own cool sites. Click here to participate.

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